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June 2, 2021
Becky Friedman

A collection of recently published texts authored by Katz Center fellows.

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Conscious History: Polish Jewish Historians before the Holocaust
Oxford University Press
By Natalia Aleksiun (2014–15: Wissenschaft and 2017–18: Nature)

Women and the Holy City: The Struggle Over Jerusalem’s Sacred Space
Cambridge University Press
By Lihi Ben Shitrit (2016–17: Political Thought)

Since 1948: Israeli Literature in the Making
SUNY Press
Edited by Nancy E. Berg (2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity) and Naomi B. Sokoloff

Iberian Moorings: Al-Andalus, Sefarad, and the Tropes of Exceptionalism
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Ross Brann (1998–99: Poetry/Enlightenment and 2006–07: Premodern Islam)

Yiddish Writers in Weimar Berlin: A Fugitive Modernism
Indiana University Press
By Marc Caplan (2004–05: Modern Literature)

Building a New Land: Women Architects and Women's Organizations in Mandatory Palestine (Hebrew)
Open University of Israel Press
By Sigal Davidi (2019–20: Home)

The Jewish Bookshop of the World: Aspects of Print and Manuscript Culture in Early Modern Amsterdam
Amsterdam University Press
Edited by Theodor Dunkelgrün (2010–11: Conversion and 2013–14: Early Modernity)

The Crown and the Courts: Separation of Powers in the Early Jewish Imagination
Harvard University Press
By David Flatto (2016–17: Political Thought)

Invisible Enlighteners: The Jewish Merchants of Modena, from the Renaissance to the Emancipation
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Federica Francesconi (2005–06: The Book, 2010–11: Conversion, 2013–14: Early Modernity, and 2019–20: Home)

Kabbalah in Print: The Study and Popularization of Jewish Mysticism in Early Modernity
SUNY Press
By Andrea Gondos (2013–14: Early Modernity)

The Sultan's Communists: Moroccan Jews and the Politics of Belonging
Stanford University Press
By Alma Rachel Heckman (2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity)

The Jewish Body: A History
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Robert Jütte (2010–11: Conversion, 2013–14: Early Modernity, and 2017–18: Nature), Translated by Elizabeth Bredeck

Brothers from Afar: Rabbinic Approaches to Apostasy and Reversion in Medieval Europe
Wayne State University Press
By Ephraim Kanarfogel (2003–04: Anthropology & History, 2010–11: Conversion, 2012–13: 13th Century, 2015–16: Beyond Reason, 2016–17: Political Thought, 2017–18: Nature, and 2019–20: Home)

The Patrons and their Poor: Jewish Community and Public Charity in Early Modern Germany
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Debra Kaplan (2013–14: Early Modernity)

Judah Halevi's Fideistic Scepticism in the Kuzari
De Gruyter Press
By Ehud Krinis (2012–13: 13th Century)

Rabbi Leo Baeck: Living a Religious Imperative in Troubled Times
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Michael A. Meyer (2014–15: Wissenschaft)

The Long History of Mizrahim: New Directions in the Study of Jews from Muslim Countries
BGRI University Press
Edited by Aviad Moreno (2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity), Noah Gerber (2014–15: Wissenschaft and 2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity), Esther Meir-Glitzenstein, and Ofer Schiff; with chapters by Harvey Goldberg (1999–00: Christian Hebraism and 2003–04: Anthropology & History), Yoram Bilu (2003–04: Anthropology & History), Ethan B. Katz (2009–10: Secularism and 2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity), and Yaron Ben-Naeh (2006–07: Premodern Islam)

Stirrings: How Activist New Yorkers Ignited a Movement for Food Justice
University of North Carolina Press
By Lana Dee Povitz (2020–21: America’s Jewish Questions)

Conversion, Circumcision, and Ritual Murder in Medieval Europe
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Paola Tartakoff (2010–11: Conversion)

Rescuing the Souls: The Great Jewish Refugee Crisis of the Seventeenth Century
Princeton University Press
By Adam Teller (2002–03: Eastern Europe, 2008–09: Commerce & Culture, 2009–10: Secularism, and 2013–14: Early Modernity)

Blood Libel: On the Trail of an Antisemitic Myth
Harvard University Press
By Magda Teter (2002–03: Eastern Europe)

Leo Strauss and the Theopolitics of Culture
SUNY Press
By Philipp von Wussow (2016–17: Political Thought)



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