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July 29, 2020
Becky Friedman

A collection of recently published books for your personal library, courtesy of the Katz Center fellows.

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The Western Wall: The Dispute over Israel’s Holiest Jewish Site, 1967–2000
By Doron Bar (2007–08: Late Antiquity) and Kobi Cohen-Hattab

Another Modernity: Elia Benamozegh’s Jewish Universalism
Stanford University Press
By Clémence Boulouque (2014–15: Wissenschaft)

The Rule of Peshat: Jewish Constructions of the Plain Sense of Scripture and Their Christian and Muslim Contexts, 900–1270
University of Pennsylvania Press
By Mordechai Z. Cohen (2001–02: Biblical Exegesis & 2012–13:13th Century)

The Jews of Ottoman Izmir: A Modern History
Stanford University Press
By Dina Danon (2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity)

Bastards and Believers: Jewish Converts and Conversion from the Bible to the Present
University of Pennsylvania Press
Edited by Theodor Dunkelgrün (2010–11: Conversion & 2013–14: Early Modernity) and Pawel Maciejko (2010–11: Conversion & 2013–14: Early Modernity)

The Return to Al_Andalus: Disputes Over Sephardic Culture and Identity Between Arabic and Hebrew
Magnes Press
By Yuval Evri (2018–19: Jews, Muslims, Modernity)

Gersonides’ Afterlife: Studies on the Reception of Levi ben Gerson’s Philosophical, Halakhic and Scientific Oeuvre in the 14th through 20th Centuries
Edited by Gad Freudenthal (2006–07: Premodern Islam & 2017–18: Nature), Ofer Elior, and David Wirmer

Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry: Jews and Music-Making in the Polish Lands
The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization in association with Liverpool University Press
Edited by François Guesnet (2002–03: Eastern Europe & 13–14: Early Modernity), Benjamin Matis, and Antony Polonsky

Set in Stone: America’s Embrace of the Ten Commandments
Oxford University Press
By Jenna Weissman Joselit (1996–97: Israel/America)

The Invention of Jewish Theocracy: The Struggle for Legal Authority in Modern Israel
Oxford University Press
By Alexander Kaye (2016–17: Political Thought)

The Mediterranean Diaspora in Late Antiquity: What Christianity Cost the Jews
Oxford University Press
By Ross Shepard Kraemer (1993–94: Law and Spirituality & 2007­–08: Late Antiquity)

The Origin and Character of God: Ancient Israelite Religion through the Lens of Divinity
Oxford University Press
By Theodore J. Lewis (1997–98: Ancient Israel)

German-Jewish Thought And Its Afterlife: A Tenuous Legacy
Indiana University Press
By Vivian Liska (2009–10: Secularism & 2016–17: Political Thought)

The Rebellion of the Daughters: Jewish Women Runaways in Habsburg Galicia
Princeton University Press
By Rachel Manekin (2002–03: Eastern Europe & 2009–10: Secularism)

Violent Rituals of the Hebrew Bible
Oxford University Press
By Saul M. Olyan (1997–98: Ancient Israel)

‘His Pen and Ink Are a Powerful Mirror’: Andalusi, Judaeo-Arabic, and Other Near Eastern Studies in Honor of Ross Brann
Edited by S. J. Pearce (2012–13: 13th Century), Adam Bursi, and Hamza Zafer

Textual Transmission in Contemporary Jewish Cultures
Oxford University Press
By Uzi Rebhun (2020­–21: America’s Jewish Questions) and Avriel Bar-Levav

The Holocaust’s Jewish Calendars: Keeping Time Sacred, Making Time Holy
Indiana University Press
By Alan Rosen (2004–05: Modern Literature)

Elie Wiesel: Jewish, Literary, and Moral Perspectives
Indiana University Press
Edited by Alan Rosen (2004–05: Modern Literature) and Steven T. Katz

Missionaries, Converts, and Rabbis: The Evangelical Alexander McCaul and Jewish-Christian Debate in the Nineteenth Century
University of Pennsylvania Press
By David B. Ruderman (Past Katz Center Director)

The Lost Archive: Traces of a Caliphate in a Cairo Synagogue
Princeton University Press
By Marina Rustow (2003–04: Anthropology and History & 2012–13:13th Century)

The Betrayal of the Duchess: The Scandal That Unmade the Bourbon Monarchy and Made France Modern
Basic Books
By Maurice Samuels (2004–05: Modern Literature)

Thinking in Translation: Scripture and Redemption in the Thought of Franz Rosenzweig
De Gruyter
By Orr Scharf (2016–17: Political Thought)

Abraham Ibn Ezra Latinus on Elections and Interrogations: A Parallel Latin-English Critical Edition of Liber Electionum, Liber Interrogationum, and Tractatus Particulares
By Shlomo Sela (2017–18: Nature)

Andalus and Sefarad: On Philosophy and Its History in Islamic Spain
Princeton University Press
By Sarah Stroumsa (2006–07: Premodern Islam)


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