von Wussow

Goethe University
Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

Research Topic

Jewish Political Thought between the World Wars


Philipp von Wussow recieved his Ph.D from the University of Düsseldorf in 2007 with a dissertation on the philosophy of Theodor W. Adorno. Since then he has specialized in modern Jewish philosophy and political thought. He is currently completing a book manuscript on the philosophy of Leo Strauss. Recent publications include articles on phenomenologists, neo-Kantians, Jewish Nietzscheans, anti-Semitism, and the history of “theory” in modern Jewish thought. Dr. von Wussow has held positions at the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, Leipzig University, and most recently at the Martin Buber Chair in Jewish Thought and Philosophy, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. He  received a doctoral fellowship from the Franz Rosenzweig Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2004-2005. At the Katz Center he will continue his studies on Jewish political thought between the World Wars.



Asking if and how Jewish history, culture, and experience offered new paradigms with which to engage the politicaland, conversely, how mainstream political theories might expand Jewish studies in new and productive directions.