Touro College
Albert J. Wood Fellowship

Research Topic

Critical Followers: Polish Jewish Historians Look at Wissenschaft des Judentums


Natalia Aleksiun is associate professor of modern Jewish history at Touro College, Graduate School of Jewish Studies in New York City. She is also an assistant professor of modern history at the Institute of History, Polish Academy of Sciences. In 2010, she received her second Ph.D. from New York University based on her dissertation, “Ammunition in the Struggle for National Rights: Jewish Historians in Poland between the Two World Wars.” She was a coeditor of the twentieth volume of Polin, devoted to the memory of the Holocaust. Her work has been published in Yad Vashem Studies, Polish Review, Dapim, East European Jewish Affairs, Studies in Contemporary Jewry, Gal Ed, East European Societies and Politics and German History. During the spring semester, Professor Aleksiun’s research will focus on the complex relationship between Polish Jewish historiography and Wissenschaft des Judentums from the turn of the nineteenth century until the Holocaust.



Deepening our understanding of the intellectual revolution at the heart of modern Jewish history.


Posing new questions about the theories, institutions, and paradigms shaping the study of nature, and about the cultural and religious consequences that emerge from such study.