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Everything the Katz Center does to advance new research—its support of scholars and students, its efforts to build bridges between American, Israeli, and European scholarship, and its mission to share scholarship with the broader community—depends on the support we receive from generous-hearted people who recognize the importance of what we do.

The University of Pennsylvania has recently undertaken the Power of Penn campaign to increase support for innovative, cross-disciplinary research and to amplify the impact of scholarship as a force for good in the world. As a part of Penn, the Katz Center shares its vision of scholarship, and the field of Judaic studies offers unique ways to advance it. If you wish to encourage new discoveries and insights in the study of the Jews, treasure books as a vital part of Jewish culture, or want to help Penn strengthen its connections to new research in Israel or elsewhere in the world, we ask that you consider becoming a supporter.

 There are many ways to help advance the Center’s mission:

  • Directly support scholars from around the world and connect them to other scholars from America, Israel, and Europe by establishing a named fellowship that will support their research.
  • Help build Penn’s treasured Judaica collections.
  • Ensure the continued vitality of the Jewish Quarterly Review, the oldest journal of Jewish studies in the English language and also one of the most innovative.
  • Support collaborative projects and public scholarship that aim to connect scholars to one another, or that seek to enlist research for the benefit of the larger community.

A gift to the Katz Center can be a meaningful way to honor a loved one, and may be tax-deductible. For additional information and giving opportunities, please contact the Katz Center at 215-746-1356. 

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