New Issue of the Jewish Quarterly Review: Fall 2023

November 29, 2023
The Jewish Quarterly Review

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In this issue:

A JQR forum explores the genre of the recipe in various Jewish contexts: not limited to the culinary, recipes also instruct the reader on how to do magic, mix beauty aids, cure rabies, and alter a roll of the dice. Natalie Dohrmann introduces the forum featuring contributions from Marina Rustow, Lennart Lehmhaus, Noam Sienna, Sacha Stern, Agata Paluch, Andrea Gondos, and Anna Shternshis.

Ayelet Wenger reads rabbinic sources about the slave known as Tevi, revealing shifting topoi about this character who can answer power with wit.

Michal Bar-Asher Siegal analyzes five talmudic stories about Ifra Hormiz, described as the mother of King Shapur, for what they reveal about attitudes toward gender and the Persian rulers of the time. **This essay is FREE to read and download without a subscription through January 15, 2024.**

Adam Afterman demonstrates that the holy spirit is the driving force behind Nahmanides’ conceptualization of the godhead, the community of Israel, and the individual Jew, drawing attention to similarities between his thought and ideas in medieval Christianity.

David Sclar surveys rabbinic responses to the controversial religious figure Moses Hayim Luzzatto, arguing that the shifting opinions and alliances among Jewish leaders prompt a reassessment of notions of a monolithic rabbinate in the eighteenth century.

Itamar Ben Ami excavates the invention of radical Orthodox politics in the writings of one of Agudath Israel’s prominent ideologues, Isaac Breuer, who was influenced in the 1920s by German right-wing thought in reacting to the crisis of modernism and struggling with early neo-Kantianism. **This essay is FREE to read and download without a subscription through January 15, 2024.**

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