Institute for the History of German Jewry
Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

Research Topic

A Jewish Home-in-the-Making: Practice, Discourse, and Memory of German-Jewish Homemaking in Emigration


Viola Alianov-Rautenberg is a research fellow whose research interests include questions of gender, social history, and migration at the intersection of Jewish and Israeli history. During her time at the Katz Center, Alianov-Rautenberg will be studying the meaning of homemaking in German-Jewish exile after 1933.

Alianov-Rautenberg completed her PhD at the Technical University of Berlin with a dissertation titled “Liftmenschen in the Levant: A Gender History of the German-Jewish Immigration to Palestine/Eretz Yisrael, 1933–1939.” She was previously a fellow at the Bucerius Institute for the Research of Contemporary German History and Society at the University of Haifa.

Selected publications

  • “Migration und Marginalität. Geschlecht als strukturelle Kategorie in der deutsch-jüdischen Einwanderung nach Palästina/Eretz Israel in den 1930er Jahren,“ Internationales Jahrbuch Exilforschung 36 (2018)



Devoted to the home, and seeking to advance research that will shed light on this most formative and intimate of contexts for Jewish life.