Stony Brook University
Ariel and Joshua Weiner Family Fellowship


Joshua Teplitsky is assistant professor of history at Stony Brook University. He specializes in the history of the Jews in Europe in the early modern period, Jewish-Christian interaction, material culture, and the study of books and media. While at the Katz Center, he will research the material dimensions of domestic life in early modern Prague as well as other aspects of the spatial and material dimensions of the cityscape.

Teplitsky received his PhD from New York University. He works on the digital humanities project Footprints, which tracks the movement of individual copies of Jewish books by examining censors’ marks, library stamps, owners’ signatures, bookplates, and handwritten marginalia. He recently received his third Special Initiatives Grant from the American Academy of Jewish Research.

Selected publications

  • Prince of the Press: How One Collector Built History's Most Enduring and Remarkable Jewish Library (Yale University Press, 2019)



Devoted to the home, and seeking to advance research that will shed light on this most formative and intimate of contexts for Jewish life. 


Asking if and how Jewish history, culture, and experience offered new paradigms with which to engage the politicaland, conversely, how mainstream political theories might expand Jewish studies in new and productive directions.