Klatt Family Director for Public Programs

University of Pennsylvania


Anne Albert is the Katz Center’s Klatt Family Director for Public Programs and executive editor of the Jewish Quarterly Review. Previously, she was a fellow in the year 2010–11 (Conversion) and 2013–14 (Early Modernity). Her research is in the area of early modern Jewish cultural history and political thought, and she recently completed a book manuscript on the Spanish and Portuguese Jews of Amsterdam in the seventeenth century. She earned her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and taught at Penn, Brown, Swarthmore College, and Bryn Mawr College before coming to the Katz Center.


Selected publications

  • “On the Possibility of Jewish Politics in Our Time: Scholem, Exile, and Early Modern Transformations” in All Religion Is Inter-Religion: Essays in Honor of Steven M. Wasserstrom, ed. Kambiz Ghanea-Bassiri and Paul M. Robertson (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2019)
  • “The Rabbi and the Rebels: A Pamphlet on the Herem by Rabbi Isaac Aboab da Fonseca,” Jewish Quarterly Review (2014)
  • “‘A Civil Death’: Sovereignty and the Jewish Republic in an Early Modern Treatment of Genesis 49:10” in Jewish Culture in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of David B. Ruderman, ed. Richard I. Cohen, Natalie B. Dohrmann, Adam Shear, and Elchanan Reiner (Hebrew Union College Press, 2014)



Examining the boundary between Judaism and other religions with a concurrent study of parallel social and religious phenomena and historical contexts.