Opera, Heroic Masculinity, and Jewishness in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain

For Current Fellows
Monday, October 23, 2023
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT

Katz Center
420 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Anna Poplawski

At the weekly Ruth Meltzer Seminars, Katz Center fellows share their research in an intellectually rigorous workshop setting. Seminars are limited to fellows and invited guests only.


Uri Erman

Ben-Gurion University

Uri Erman is a cultural historian of Britain and Western Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His research focuses on the public discourse about performers—actors and singers—as a central site for the negotiation of personal and group identity in modernity, particularly regarding perceptions of gender, class, and ethnic identity. He has a Ph.D. in History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a dissertation titled “The Castrato, the Jew, and the Prima Donna: British Singers in the Public Discourse, 1760–1830.” His research also examines the power dynamic that had developed between actresses and male nobles in eighteenth-century Britain. He has held fellowships previously at the Open University and at Ben-Gurion University in Israel. 

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