University of Pennsylvania
Honorary Distinguished Fellowship

Research Topic

Babylonian Jewish Law and Society beyond Institutionalization


Simcha Gross is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and studies Jews over the first millennium of the common era in their Roman, Persian, and Islamic contexts. His first book, Babylonian Jews and Sasanian Imperialism in Late Antiquity, will be published by Cambridge University Press. He is currently a member at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

Selected publications

  • The History of the 'Slave of Christ': From Jewish Child to Christian Martyr (Gorgias Press, 2016)
  • Edited, Jews and Syriac Christians: Intersections across the First Millennium (Mohr Siebeck, 2020)



Focusing on the broad contexts in which Jewish (and Israelite) law was developed by and for Jews, and in which it operated, treating law as a necessary component for understanding the broader dynamics of culture, history, governance, and economics of each place and period.