Columbia University

Research Topic

East European Jews, Money & Speculation in Gilded-Age America


Rebecca Kobrin is the Russell and Bettina Knapp Associate Professor of American Jewish History at Columbia University. Her research, teaching, and publications engage in the fields of international history, urban history, Jewish history, American religion, and diaspora studies. Her areas of specialty include American Jewish history, immigration history, international history, and Jewish economic history.

Kobrin received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. 



Delving into some of the most pressing debates within US history and Jewish history, and examining vital questions shaping Jewish cultural studies, literary theory, and social scientific inquiry


Asking if and how Jewish history, culture, and experience offered new paradigms with which to engage the politicaland, conversely, how mainstream political theories might expand Jewish studies in new and productive directions.


Working to expose the shifting linkages between commerce and culture in Jewish life from medieval to modern times.