University of California, L.A.
Thomas and Elissa Ellant Katz Fellowship

Research Topic

Jewish Music in America: 1960's-1990's


Mark Kligman is the inaugural holder of the Mickey Katz Endowed Chair in Jewish Music at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music where he is a professor of ethnomusicology and musicology and former chair of the Department of Ethnomusicology. He has published on the liturgical music of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn in journals as well as his book, Maqam and Liturgy: Ritual, Music and Aesthetics of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn (Wayne State UP, 2009), which shows the interconnection between the music of Syrian Jews and their cultural way of life. His other publications focus on the intersection of contemporary Jewish life and various liturgical and paraliturgical musical contexts.

Selected publications

“Contemporary Jewish Music in America 2000–2020: A Symposium,” ed. with Judah M. Cohen.  Journal of Synagogue Music 46.1 (2021). 

Maqam and Liturgy: Ritual, Music, and Aesthetics of Syrian Jews in Brooklyn (Wayne State University Press, 2009).  



This year is devoted to the study of sound and music as a part of Jewish life, and we are delighted to announce the cohort of scholars who will join us for a year of research, conversation, and engagement with the Penn community and with the public.


Delving into the complex relationship between Jews, the arts, and Jewish culture.