Tel Aviv University
Robert Carrady Fellowship

Research Topic

Politics Without Sovereignty? Exile, State, and Territory in Jewish Thought


Julie E. Cooper is Senior Lecturer in the Political Science Department at Tel Aviv University. She received an A.B. in Literature from Harvard University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Rhetoric from the University of California, Berkeley. Cooper studies the relationship between religion and politics in both Jewish and Western traditions. Her areas of research interest include the history of political theory; early modern political theory (especially Hobbes and Spinoza); secularism and secularization; Jewish political thought; and modern Jewish thought. Her first book, Secular Powers: Humility in Modern Political Thought (Chicago, 2013), challenges received narratives that equate secularization with self-deification, developing an alternative account of the sources of secular political agency. She is currently working on a second book project which examines modern attempts to rehabilitate Judaism’s national and political dimensions.



Asking if and how Jewish history, culture, and experience offered new paradigms with which to engage the politicaland, conversely, how mainstream political theories might expand Jewish studies in new and productive directions.