De Michele

University of Genoa
Gerald and Robin Silk Fellow

Research Topic

Breast Cancer and Jewish Identity


Grazia De Michele is a historian whose research interests include the history of racism, education, social movements, medicine, and science. Her first book Anti-Southern Racism and Education in Post-War Italy was published by Routledge in 2023. De Michele was a 2023 Knapp Postdoctoral Fellow at the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism and the 2021–22 research associate on the Wellcome Trust-funded project, “Healthy Skepticism.” She is a member of the Centre for the History of Racism and Anti-Racism in Modern Italy (CENTRA). Her recent work has focused on the history of breast cancer in the United States.

She obtained her first Ph.D. from the University of Reading and her second from the University of Genoa.

Selected publications

  • With Caitjan Gainty, “Biden’s Plan to ‘End Cancer’ Borrows from an Old, Flawed Playbook,” Undark, March 18, 2022 
  • With Caitjan Gainty, “The Disease of ‘At Risk,’” BMJ Online (2019).



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