Van Boxel

Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
Dalck and Rose Feith Family Fellowship

Research Topic

For and Against Gersonides: The Reception of Ralbag's Bible Commentaries in the Early Modern Period


Piet Van Boxel is a Fellow at the Oriental Institute at Oxford University. His current research interests include Hebrew manuscripts and early Hebrew printing with special interest in ecclesiastical censorship of Hebrew books in 16th Century Italy. His article “Hebrew Books and Censorship in Sixteenth-Century Italy,”  is forthcoming in 2013. At the Katz Center, Piet will research on the reception of Gersonides’(1299-1344) Bible commentaries during the early modern era.



Studying all facets of the Jewish book—treating it as a historical agent in Jewish culture and as a medium of exchange within the larger cultures in which Jews have lived.


Devoting an entire year of study to the subject of Christian Hebraism, especially in early modern Europe.