University of Pennsylvania


Oscar Aguirre-Mandujano is an assistant professor in the Department of History at the University of Pennsylvania. As part of his work on early modern Ottoman intellectual history, he has focused his research on literature, poetry, and imperial bureaucracy. Aguirre-Mandujano has taught courses on Ottoman history, Islamic empires in the early modern world, books and readers in the Islamic world, as well as on the horse in world history.

Aguirre-Mandujano completed his PhD at the University of Washington. Since 2012, he has been an instructor at the Intensive Ottoman and Turkish Summer School (Harvard/Koc Universities) in Cunda, Turkey, where he tutors in Ottoman paleography and Ottoman archival sources.



Delving into the meaning of modernity beyond the European, American, and Israeli contexts, looking instead to North Africa, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central and South Asia.