Leibniz Institute of European History (IEG)

Research Topic

From Breslau to New York: Instituting Conservative Wissenschaft des Judentums


Mirjam Thulin is a member of the academic staff in the Department of the History of Religion at the Institute of European History in Mainz. Her research interests include the history of knowledge and science, the history and culture of Jews in the early modern and modern period, and the history of Jews in the US.

Thulin received her DPhil in History from the University of Leipzig with a thesis titled "Kaufmann’s News Service: A Jewish Scholarly Network in the 19th Century." She has previously held fellowships at Goethe University, Frankfurt-on-Main and at the Max Kade Center for European and German Studies at Vanderbilt University.



Delving into some of the most pressing debates within US history and Jewish history, and examining vital questions shaping Jewish cultural studies, literary theory, and social scientific inquiry


Deepening our understanding of the intellectual revolution at the heart of modern Jewish history.