University of Florida
Nancy S. and Laurence E. Glick Teaching Fellowship
Maurice Amado Foundation Fellowship
Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellowship

Research Topic

The Rites of the Tribe: Ethnographic Essays on the Public Culture of American Jews

Redaction and Polemic: Origen and the Rabbis on the Song of Songs Rabbah Jewish Life in Post-War Poland

The Travel Writings of Hayyim Shoshkes


Jack Kugelmass is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Florida. He is a cultural anthropologist with a focus on the anthropology of Jewish life, especially in Poland and the United States. Kugelmass will research the writings of the great Yiddish travel writer Hayyim Shoshkes (1891–1964).



Challenging the methodological divide between history and anthropology in the study of Jews and Judaism.


Mining the extraordinarily rich history and culture of East European Jewry.


Applying an interdisciplinary approach to the richness and diversity of travel writing.