University of Maryland
Albert J. Wood Fellowship

Research Topic

Case Law, Rabbis, and the Limits of Rabbinization in Sasanian Iraq


Hayim Lapin is Robert H. Smith Professor of Jewish Studies and director of the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Studies, both at the University of Maryland. His research focus is the history of Palestine and Judaism in Antiquity, but he is interested in early Christianity, religion and society in Late Antiquity, Jewish history, and western religious traditions.

Lapin received his PhD in Religion from Columbia University. He has previously held fellowships at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the European Institute of Advanced Study, the University of Maryland, and the Katz Center.

Selected publications

  • Acculturation and Difference in Late Antiquity, 100–600 (Routledge Press, forthcoming)
  • Rabbis as Romans: The Rabbinic Movement in Palestine, 100–400 CE (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • Economy, Geography, and Provincial History in Later Roman Palestine (Mohr Siebeck, 2001)



Studying law between the eighteenth and twenty-first centuries, an age of transition from a world of empires to the modern age of the nation-state and international law.


Focusing on the imperial context of Judaism in Antiquity, in a decidedly interdisciplinary mode.