McMaster University
Louis Apfelbaum and Hortense Braunstein Apfelbaum Fellowship

Research Topic

German Legal Comparatism and the Modern Understanding of Jewish Law


Dana Hollander is associate professor in the Department of Religious Studies and associate member of the Department of Philosophy at McMaster University. Her primary research areas include modern Jewish thought, German-Jewish studies, twentieth-century European philosophy, and theory. At the Katz Center, she will examine Jewish scholars of Jewish law and non-Jewish legal scholarship in the late nineteenth and twentieth century.

Hollander received her PhD at The Johns Hopkins University. She has since taught at the University of Nevada, the University of Toronto, Michigan State University, and McMaster University.

Selected publications

  • Ethics out of Law: Hermann Cohen and the “Neighbor” (University of Toronto Press, 2021)
  • Exemplarity and Chosenness: Rosenzweig and Derrida on the Nation of Philosophy (Stanford University Press, 2008)



Studying law between the eighteenth and twenty-first centuries, an age of transition from a world of empires to the modern age of the nation-state and international law.