Saint Elizabeth University
Thomas and Elissa Ellant Katz Fellowship

Research Topic

Prophetic Partners: American Jewish Interfaith Relations in the Age of Evangelicalism


Amy Weiss is the director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Education at the College of Saint Elizabeth. Her research and publications focus on the intersections of American Jewish history, Israel Studies, and Jewish-Christian relations. She is currently examining American Jewish interfaith relations in the age of Evangelicalism.

Weiss received her PhD from the departments of Hebrew & Judaic Studies and History at New York University. She has previously taught at Rutgers University and the City College of New York.

Selected publications

  • “1948’s Forgotten Soldiers?: The Shifting Reception of American Volunteers in Israel’s War of Independence,” Israel Studies 25 (2020)
  • “Billy Graham Receives the Ten Commandments: American Jewish Interfaith Relations in the Age of Evangelicalism,” American Jewish History 103 (2019)
  • “‘Making the Desert Blossom as the Rose’: The American Christian Palestine Committee’s Children’s Memorial Forest and Postwar Land Acquisition in Palestine,” Holocaust and Genocide Studies 33 (2019)



Delving into some of the most pressing debates within US history and Jewish history, and examining vital questions shaping Jewish cultural studies, literary theory, and social scientific inquiry