In recent years, the Katz Center has begun to develop on-line resources to help those wishing to learn from a distance.

First and foremost among our online resources is a blog featuring news about upcoming events; bite-size morsels of scholarship from Katz fellows and the Jewish Quarterly Review; interviews with scholars; and occasional reflections of the Center’s director or invited guests on happenings or controversies that relate to Jewish studies. Following the blog is a great way to stay abreast of what is new in the world of Jewish studies.

The Center is also developing a quickly expanded menu of online mini-courses where preeminent scholars share their work on unpublished sources, recorded public programs, and pod-casts related to Jewish studies or related topics.

In addition, there is information about the scholarly publications which the Center sponsors: the Jewish Quarterly Review, the oldest English language journal of academic Jewish studies and a flagship periodical in the field; as well as the Jewish Culture and Contexts series from the University of Pennsylvania Press, which publishes outstanding monographs in Jewish studies and volumes of collected essays emerging from the Center’s fellowship years.

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