Fellowship Theme

Jewish Life in Modern Islamic Contexts

The 2018–19 fellowship program will take as its focus the study of Jews in modern Islamic contexts. The fellowship will support scholarship on Jewish life, culture and thought as these have developed in modern times across North Africa, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and Central and South Asia.


  • Jews in Muslim Contexts: Spatial Approaches

    Thursday Dec. 13, 2018

    Six of this fall’s fellows conceived the program for a day-long symposium on December 12, 2018, called “Jews in Muslim Contexts: Spatial Approaches.”

  • “What Else There Is Still Beneath”: The Multiple Dimensions of the Cairo Genizot

    Jewish Quarterly Review

    Tuesday Dec. 11, 2018

    One hundred and twenty years have passed since the discovery of the document trove in the genizah at the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo (BES). Countless texts and treatments in various languages have been published on the Cairo Genizah, the name of which has long been associated with a collection made famous by Solomon Schechter. Rebecca Jefferson’s article in the current issue of JQRdeconstructs both the conception of “the Cairo Genizah” and the Schechter-centric narrative.