Julie Cooper // Jewish Political Thought in a Changing World


Jewish Political Thought in a Changing World                                                                                          

A number of pressing political issues confront contemporary Jews: the dwindling prospects for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; the rise of new forms of antisemitism; and the fragility of liberal democracy in the Western world. Responses to these extraordinary circumstances should be informed not only by political know-how and historical knowledge, but also by the rich tradition of Jewish political thought that has long grappled with nationalism, democracy, sovereignty, diaspora, exclusion, dissent, and more. In this talk, Julie Cooper will address this tradition, which has received new attention in recent years, and offer some ways in which its insights can help us face the world today.


Julie E. Cooper is the Robert Carrady Fellow this year at the Katz Center, visiting from Tel Aviv University, where she is Senior Lecturer in the Political Science Department. She studies the relationship between religion and politics in both Jewish and Western traditions. Cooper is the author of Secular Powers: Humility in Modern Political Thought, which challenges received narratives equating secularization with self-deification. Her current project examines modern attempts to rehabilitate Judaism’s national and political dimensions.


*Please note that this program has been moved from the Temin Canteen Room to the Maslow Auditorium. For information about wheelchair accessibility, please call Kate Lawn at Germantown Jewish Centre: (215) 844-1507, ext.19.                                                             

Event Location: 
Germantown Jewish Centre
Maslow Auditorium
400 W Ellet Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
Free and open to the public.  Please RSVP here.  
Event Date and Time: 
February 05, 2017 10:00am