Announcing Our Next Cohort of Fellows


We are pleased to welcome the new cohort of fellows for the 2017-2018 academic year. They will convene in September for a year of research and discussion on the theme of Nature between Science and Religion: Jewish Culture and the Natural World. These researchers will explore the theories, institutions, and paradigms that have shaped Jewish views of nature, and the cultural and religious consequences of that engagement. 

2017-2018 Fellows [pdf] | Press Release [pdf]

These distinguished scholars will explore the theories, institutions, and paradigms that have shaped Jewish perspectives on nature, and the cultural and religious consequences of those perspectives. Fellows include researchers working on particular thinkers, texts, or theories as well as those framing the subject in relation to classical, Christian, Muslim, or similar approaches. The topic spans the entirety of Jewish history, and encompasses the history of science, the anthropology of science, philosophy,  philology, and environmental studies, among other relevant fields. With this theme, the Katz Center embraces an interdisciplinary and comparative approach, seeking to better understand how Jews have understood, interacted with, or sought to intervene into nature.


Julia Watts Belser

Georgetown University

Louis Apfelbaum and Hortense Braunstein Apfelbaum Fellow, 2017-2018

Nature, Sex, and Power in Rabbinic Tales of Noah and Sodom: Tracing the Afterlives of Cataclysm


Eyal Ben-Eliyahu

University of Haifa

Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellow, Spring 2018

The Rabbinic Perception of the World


Julie Chajes

Tel Aviv University

Albert J. Wood Fellow, Fall 2017

Kabbalah and American π: James Ralston Skinner and the Modernization of American Religion


J. H. Yossi Chajes

University of Haifa

Maurice Amado Foundation Fellow, Fall 2017

Visualizing Nature in the Kabbalistic Cosmos


Yulia Egorova

Durham University

Ella Darivoff Fellow, Fall 2017

History, Sovereignty, and “Jewish Genetics”


Yitzhaq Feder

University of Haifa

Ruth Meltzer Fellow, Spring 2018

Naturalistic Tendencies in the Hebrew Bible


Gad Freudenthal

French National Center for Scientific Research (Emeritus)

Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellow, 2017-2018

Scientific Literature in Hebrew and Judeo-German in German Lands before Mendelssohn


Debra Glasberg Gail

New York University

Primo Levi Fellow, 2017-2018

Scientific Authority and Jewish Law in Early Modern Italy


Sofiya Grachova

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Ruth Meltzer Fellow, 2017-2018

East European Jews, Health, Race, and Citizenship, 1830–1930


Christine Hayes

Yale University

Gruss Visiting Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Spring 2018

Nature, Incongruity, and Humor in Rabbinic Literature


Daniel Langton

University of Manchester

Ivan and Nina Ross Family Fellow, Fall 2017

Darwin’s Jews: Evolutionary Theory, Jewish Thought, and Interfaith Relations


Lennart Lehmhaus

Collaborative Research Center, Free University, Berlin

Charles W. and Sally Rothfeld Fellow, Fall 2017

Bodies of Knowledge: Rabbinic Approaches to Medicine and Science in Late Antiquity


Fredrik Meiton

Northwestern University

Robert Carrady Fellow, 2017-2018

Organic Compound: Zionism and Science in the Yishuv and Israel


Anat Mooreville

University of California, Davis

Ruth Meltzer Fellow, 2017-2018

Oculists in the Orient: Jews and Global Health in the Twentieth Century


Agata Paluch

Free University, Berlin

Ruth Meltzer Fellow, 2017-2018

Between Kabbalah, Magic, and Natural Science in Early Modern East-Central Europe


Zalman Rothschild

Harvard University

Ruth Meltzer Fellow, Spring 2018

Theories of Materiality in Hasidism


Adelheid Voskuhl

University of Pennsylvania

Jody Ellant and Howard Reiter Family Fellow, Spring 2018

Technology and Modernity: Engineering Cultures and Jewish Cultures in the Second Industrial Revolution


Christian Wiese

Goethe University

Dalck and Rose Feith Family Fellow, Spring 2018 

Hans Jonas, Ernst Bloch, and Günter Anders on Nature, Technology, and Human Responsibility



Affiliated Scholars


Iris Idelson-Shein | Goethe University

Robert Juette | Institute of the History of Medicine of the Robert Bosch Foundation

Maoz Kahana | Tel Aviv University

Amos Morris-Reich | University of Haifa

Projit Mukharji | University of Pennsylvania

Tamar Rabinowitz | Brooklyn College

Annette Yoshiko Reed | New York University

David Shyovitz | Northwestern University

Pavel Sladek | Charles University, Prague