JQR 107.1 (Winter 2017) Arrives on Newsstands


The latest issue of JQR just arrived

“Those Who Descend upon the Sea Told Me…”: Myth and Tall Tale in Baba Batra 73a–74b
       Daniel J. Frim
God and His Son: Christian Affinities in the Shaping of the Sava and Yanuka Figures in the Zohar
       Jonatan M. Benarroch

The Nascent Nationalization of Holy Sites: The Conceptual Evolution of the Western Wall and Rachel’s Tomb and Its Expression in Yishuv-Era Visual Representations
       Kobi Cohen-Hattab & Ayelet Kohn

The PLO’s Rabbi: Palestinian Nationalism and Reform Judaism [Read Jonathan's blog post here]
       Jonathan Gribetz

Pope Innocent III, Christian Wet-Nurses, and Jews: A Misunderstanding and Its Impact
       Jeremy Cohen [available for free download]