Friends of the Katz Center

An Invitation to become a Friend of the Katz Center

binding of manuscript in Penn Libraries collectionThe Katz Center thrives because of the involvement and support of people who recognize the value of its mission in generating new knowledge and sharing it with the world.

The easiest way to support the Center is by joining “The Friends of the Katz Center” through an annually renewable donation of $500. This kind of gift will be used to support the Center’s efforts to share Jewish studies scholarship with the broader community through public programs, adult education courses, and partnerships with publicly facing organizations within and beyond the University of Pennsylvania.

For Penn alumni and others who have graduated in the last ten years, as a way to welcome you to this group and encourage Jewish studies learning, an annually renewable gift of $100 will qualify you to become a Friend. 

By becoming involved in the Katz Center in this way, Friends can expand their own learning, receiving invitations to attend an annual Katz Center “salon” along with enhanced access to other special learning opportunities with leading scholars in Jewish studies. The benefits can also be shared with members of one's immediate family.

Gifts to the Katz Center are tax deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines and supported by a receipt from the University of Pennsylvania’s Treasurer’s Office.

To become a Friend of the Katz Center, click here.

Some are moved to consider a larger named gift in support of the Katz Center, as a way to advance the mission of the Center, to support early career scholars, or build academic bridges with Israeli and other international communities. Such a gift can also be a very meaningful way to honor a loved one. If you are willing to consider this option, please contact Steven Weitzman at As the director of the Katz Center, he can share more information about the Katz Center’s goals, and explore with you how such a gift can advance new research.


Support special events for the public

Each year, the Katz Center organizes talks, panels, concerts, and other programs for the public, some on Penn’s campus, others in the community around Philadelphia. Featuring an ever-expanding roster of world-class Jewish studies scholars, a number of these public programs are recorded for audiences unable to attend.

"From Vienna to New York: Memory of a Life in Two Worlds" featured Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Eric R. Kandel: