The deadline for this year's application has passed. Please check back over the summer for the next application cycle. 

The Jewish Home: Dwelling on the Domestic, the Familial, and the Lived-In 

The Herbert D. Katz Center at The University of Pennsylvania is now accepting applications for the 2019–2020 academic year on the theme of “The Jewish Home: Dwelling on the Domestic, the Familial, and the Lived-In.” 

The Katz Center will devote the 2019–2020 fellowship year to the home—to what happens inside Jewish homes and what connects those homes to life outside. We invite applications from scholars in any academic field who are seeking to advance research that will shed light on this most formative and intimate of contexts for Jewish life, including the very definition of home. 

As an object of inquiry, the home has not one door but many. We are planning a year that will look into the Jewish home across many different thresholds/entryways and look back out from the home into the broader world. Relevant topics may include the history of domestic architecture and material culture, anthropological research into kinship, parenting, gender roles, and master-servant relationships; literary instantiations of the home as an object of memory and imagination; representations of Jewish domesticity in the visual arts, including theater, film, and television; the analysis of Jewish law as it relates to family life and sex; the economics of consumption and display; the ritual study of the life cycle as it plays out in domestic contexts; and urban studies that approach the home as part of neighborhoods or larger social contexts. 

Eligible projects may be focused on the home in any period of Jewish history, extending from the four room houses of Iron Age Canaan to contemporary Jewish retirement communities. The year is also open to projects that may not be focused on the home per se but are helpful for understanding it, such as research on the history of privacy or the anthropology of childhood. The Center’s goal is to support individual projects, but it also seeks to develop an intellectually diverse cohort which means the ideal applicant will be one willing to learn from and work with scholars from other disciplines or focused on other periods. It is, therefore, not for individuals who wish only to do their own work and not interface with colleagues.  

Additional Opportunity: Israel Institute Fellowship
With funding from the Israel Institute and in partnership with Penn’s Jewish Studies Program, the Katz Center is offering an additional opportunity for a teaching fellowship in 2019–2020. The recipient will be a full participant in the Center’s fellowship program, and will teach one undergraduate course per semester on an Israel-related subject. To be eligible for the Israel Institute/Katz Center fellowship applicants must be Israeli citizens with a Ph.D. in a field or subject related to modern Israel and/or who is currently employed at an Israeli institution of higher learning or research center. Applicants to this fellowship are required to submit a sample syllabus along with a statement of past teaching experience and teaching style.  
Fellowship Eligibility
The Katz Center invites applications from scholars in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts at all levels. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or expect to receive their degree no later than August 2019. The fellowship is open to all scholars, national and international, who meet application terms. International scholars are appointed under a J-1 visa only (Research Scholar status). No exceptions can be made, and the Katz Center reserves the right to cancel awards if the recipient is unable to meet this condition. Applicants should consult the international programs office at their current university to confirm eligibility before applying for this fellowship.
Fellowship Requirements
Fellows are required to spend the term of the fellowship in residence in Philadelphia at the Katz Center and are expected to pursue their proposed research projects while at the center. Fellows are provided with an office, a computer, printing, scanning, and telephone, as well as administrative assistance and full library privileges to the University of Pennsylvania library system, including book delivery. 
The Center’s requirements are residency in Philadelphia, attendance of weekly lunches on Mondays and weekly seminars on Wednesdays, one seminar presentation, as well as full participation in fellows-conceived colloquia and symposiums, among other special events. 

Application deadline: October 31, 2018
Announcement of fellowship recipients: March 31, 2019
Commencement of fellowship period: Variable, from September 2019 to May 2020
Duration of fellowship period: One semester (fall or spring) or full academic year

Need help? Learn more about the application process by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page, available here.