Rebekka Voß is currently Associate Professor of the History of German and European Jewry at the Institute of Judaic Studies at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. In the fall of 2011 she was a visiting fellow at the Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Oxford. Her first book, Umstrittene Erlöser: Politik, Ideologie und jüdisch-christlicher Messianismus in Deutschland, 1500–1600 (Disputed Messiahs: Politics, Ideology, and Jewish-Christian Apocalypticism in Germany, 1500–1600), was published in 2011. At the center Voss will examine the popular Yiddish motif of “Little Redheads Crossing the Sambatyon” in its early modern cultural expressions.

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Rebekka Voss (2013-2014)