Miriam Jerade received her Ph.D. in Philosophy at Sorbonne Paris IV on violence in Jacques Derrida’s deconstruction (Honors) under the supervision of Marc Crépon (ENS) and her Master in Philosophy at Université Paris X Nanterre on the promise and the desert in Franz Rosenzweig's philosophy under the supervision of Catherine Chalier. Dr. Jerade was the receipent of a postdoctoral fellowship at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitna- Cuajimalpa with a project on Antisemitism in Mexico and her work on Vasconcelos pro-nazi journal Timon will be published in Mexican Studies in September 2015. Currently, she's writing on her first book based on her doctoral dissertation.  During the fall term at the Katz Center, she will focus on how three of the most influential Jewish philosophers of the twentieth-century, Franz Rosenzweig, Emmanuel Levinas, and Jacques Derrida, linked philosophical accounts of ethics with the Jewish intellectual tradition, and why, each in his own way, sought to bring distinctly Jewish categories to bear on Western philosophical discourse and selected some elements of Judaism, while dismissing others, as a ground to question morality based on rational grounds.

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Miriam Jerade (2015-2016)