Lital Levy is Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University. She received her B.A.  in Middle Eastern and Asian Languages and Cultures and  Master of International Affairs  from Columbia University and her Ph.D.  in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research encompasses Hebrew, Arabic, and Anglophone literatures and cultures both separately and in conjunction with each other. She specializes in historical and contemporary zones of contact between Arabic and Hebrew. Her interests include the intellectual and literary history of Arab Jews in the late nineteenth-century Arab East (Iraq, Greater Syria, and Egypt), particularly their participation in the modern Arabic and Hebrew renaissance movements; the revision of modern Hebrew literary history; contemporary Hebrew and Arabic writing in Israel/Palestine; Middle Eastern cinema and television; Anglophone Middle Eastern and South Asian fiction; and the comparative history of modern non-Western "renaissance" and "enlightenment" movements. Throughout these myriad pursuits, she has been particularly fascinated by questions of linguistic representation. Her book Poetic Trespass (winner of the 2014 Jordan Schnitzer Book Award from the Association for Jewish Studies) examines multilingualism, translation, and the cultural politics of language in the literature, art, and cinema of Israel/Palestine. She is currently at work on her second book, an intellectual history of Arab Jews from 1863-1948.

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Lital Levy (2015-2016)