Lennart Lehmhaus (Ph.D., 2013) is a post-doc research associate within the Collaborative Research Center SFB 980 “Episteme in Motion” on transfer of knowledge at the Free University, Berlin. In a project on encyclopedic medical episteme in Late Antiquity he studies talmudic representations of medical discourses, their epistemologies and encyclopedic dimensions, with a comparative eye on Graeco-Roman and (Ancient) Near Eastern cultures. His dissertation and first book (Between Tradition and Innovation; Leiden, 2013) on Seder Eliyahu Zuta combines an annotated German translation with a study of its innovative literary, discursive and socio-cultural features. His research interests comprise ancient Jewish cultures and literatures; knowledge and science in the ancient world; literary theory, intertextuality and sociocultural readings of texts; trajectories of Jewish traditions into contemporary Jewish and Israeli culture.

He has published several articles and chapters on rabbinic Judaism, late midrashic traditions in a multicultural context, and on Jewish tradition and ancient knowledge cultures. Among his edited books are Collecting Recipes: Byzantine and Jewish Pharmacology in Dialogue part of series Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Cultures (together with Matteo Martelli; De Gruyter, 2017) and Defining Jewish Medicine: Transfers of Medical Knowledge in Jewish Cultures and Traditions part of SFB 980-Series “Episteme” (Harrassowitz, 2017).

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