Gad Freudenthal is Senior Research Fellow Emeritus with the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) in Paris, France. He has written on the reception of science and philosophy in Jewish cultures, mainly in the Middle Ages and in the eighteenth century, and has focused his research on Greek philosophies of matter. He is the editor of the journal Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism.

Freudenthal received his PhD from Universit√© de Paris 1 (Sorbonne). Prior that, he studied mathematics, physics, and the history and philosophy of science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Select publications:

  • Science in the Medieval Hebrew and Arabic Traditions (Routledge, 2005)
  • Aristotle's Theory of Material Substance: Heat and Pneuma, Form and Soul (Clarendon Press, 1995)

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