*Note: The fellows' academic affiliation listed below reflects their post the year they were a fellow only, and may not be current.

Fellow Area of Research
Annette Aronowicz 
Franklin and Marshall College

Martin Gruss Fellowship
Rose and Henry Zifkin Teaching Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

The Secularism of a Yiddish Communist: Haim Sloves

Michal Ben-Horin 
University of Florida

Louis Apfelbaum and Hortense Braunstein Apfelbaum Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

New Music and Jewish Secularization

Yael Feldman 
New York University

Selma Ruben Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

The Contested Near-Sacrifice: Rewriting Isaac in Tel-Aviv

Jonathan Gribetz  
Columbia University

Maurice Amado Foundation Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Religion, Religious Reform and Secularism in the Nationalisms of Late Ottoman Palestine

Alexander Joskowicz 
Vanderbilt University

Albert J. Wood Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

Anticlericalism and the Birth of Jewish Secularism in Germany and France, 1783-1905

Ethan Katz 
University of Cincinnati

Ivan and Nina Ross Family Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Jews and Muslims in France: Conflicting Identities and Republican Culture in the 20th Century

Eva Lezzi 
University of Potsdam

Primo Levi Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

19th Century Civil Marriage & Intermarriage: Within the Contexts of Secularization and Neo-Orthodoxy

Rachel Manekin 
University of Maryland

Rebell Family Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

The Struggle of Galician Maskilm against Religious Enthusiasm: The Roots of Secularization?

David Myers 
University of California, L.A.

Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

An American Shtetl: Politics and Piety in Kiryas Joel, New York

Ilana Pardes 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Golub Family Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

The Song of Songs in Israeli Culture: Agnon's Somnambulist Lovers

Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin 
Ben-Gurion University

Samuel T. Lachs Fellowship
Erika A. Strauss Teaching Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

Secularism and Orientalism from a Jewish Perspective

Rachel Rojanski 
University of Haifa

Charles W. and Sally Rothfeld Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Secular Jews and their Shulkhan Arukh: Religion and the Secularization of American Jewry, 1881-1950

Andrea Schatz 
King's College London

Ella Darivoff Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

Fragments of Visibility: Religion, Culture, and the "Orient" in Western Ashkenaz, 1700-1840

Christoph Schulte 
University of Potsdam

Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Jewish Philosophy of History and Messianism

Daniel Schwartz 
George Washington University

Louis and Bessie Stern Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

The First Secular Jew: Spinoza and the Making of an Image

Galili Shahar 
University of Florida

Ruth Meltzer Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

The Un-Sacred Language: Metaphysics of the New Hebrew and the Dialectic Secularization

Scott Ury 
Tel Aviv University

Weiner Family Fellowship
Nancy S. and Laurence E. Glick Teaching Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

Individual and Community in Lodz, Odessa and Warsaw, 1861-1914

Yael Zerubavel 
Rutgers University

Dalck and Rose Feith Family Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Out of Time: Remembering the "Bygone" in Israeli Culture

Short-term Fellow

Michael Brenner 
University of Munich
Shmuel Feiner 
Bar-Ilan University
Maurice Kriegel 
Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales/Paris
Vivian Liska 
University of Antwerp
Shira Wolosky 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Adjunct Fellows

Arye Edrei  
Tel Aviv University
Carlos Fraenkel 
McGill University
Jonathan Karp 
SUNY, Binghamton
Damon Linker 
University of Pennsylvania
Larry Silver 
University of Pennsylvania
Michael Steinlauf 
Gratz College
Nomi Stolzenberg 
University of Southern California
Adam Teller 
University of Haifa