Summer School 2013: Meet our Graduate Students


The objective of the school is to expand the academic horizons of the participants by exposing them to new approaches and areas of study. In small seminar settings focused on specific textual readings with senior faculty - and with some of the best and brightest students from North America, Europe, and Israel - we hope to create a sense of social and intellectual connection among all participants, and to expose students to fields beyond their specific areas of specialization.

Jesse Abelman   Yeshiva University (Jewish History)

Gabriel Angulo Jewish Theological Seminary (Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies)

Neri Ariel  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Talmud and Halakhah)

Naama Bar Zvi  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jewish Thought)

Tafat Bick  Ben-Gurion University (Hebrew Literature)

Uri Erman  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (History)

Ashleigh Elser  University of Virginia (Religious Studies)

Hadar Feldman-Samet  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jewish Thought)

Michael Friedman  Georgetown University (Theology)

Sonia Gollance  University of Pennsylvania (Germanic Languages and Literatures)

Akiva Hameiri  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Jewish Education)

Bernie Hodkin  Jewish Theological Seminary (Ancient Jewish Studies)

David Zvi Kalman  University of Pennsylvania (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)

Jonas Leipziger  Hochschule für Jüdische Studien/ Universität Heidelberg, Germany (Bible)

Michael Lukin  Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Musicology, Yiddish, and Folklore)

Jason Lustig  UCLA (History)

Michael Rom  Yale University (History)

Joseph Rosen  University of California, Berkeley/Graduate Theological Union (Near Eastern Studies)

Zalman Rothschild  New York University (Hebrew and Judaic Studies)

David Torollo Sánchez  CCHS-CSIC/Universidad de Salamanca, Spain (Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East)

Ehud Tsabari  Tel Aviv University (Literature)

Daniel Viragh  University of California, Berkeley (History)

Matthew Williams  Stanford University (Education/History)

Milan Žonca  Queen Mary, University of London (History)

Maja Gildin Zuckerman   Syddansk Universitet, Denmark (Contemporary Middle East Studies)