Monday Oct. 14, 2019

Jewish Quarterly Review

Why Yahuda? Why the forum? Why in a Wissenschaft issue? A conversation between Michal Friedman and Allyson Gonzalez

Michal Friedman

Allyson Gonzalez

Carnegie Mellon University

Friday Oct. 4, 2019
Wednesday Oct. 2, 2019

Announcing The Jewish Philanthropy Research Initiative

Steven Weitzman

LIla Corwin Berman

Benjamin Soskis

University of Pennsylvania

Friday Sep. 27, 2019

New Worlds through Renaissance Manuscripts

Natalie B. Dohrmann

University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday Sep. 17, 2019
Monday Aug. 5, 2019

New Podcast on Religion and the Global Future

Steven Weitzman

University of Pennsylvania

Tuesday Jul. 23, 2019

Secrets and Lies: Truth, Evidence, and Deception in Jewish History and Culture

Elisheva Baumgarten

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Wednesday Jul. 17, 2019

Jewish Quarterly Review

New Issue of the Jewish Quarterly Review: Summer 2019

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