The Latest (Technicolor) Issue of JQR


RUN don't walk to see the fall issue of JQR, a stellar lineup featuring FIRST EVER color images:

  • A forum animating the question of assimilation to mark the 50th anniversary of Gerson Cohen's famous essay calling it a "blessing" (for David Myers's blog post on Cohen's relevance in the age of Trump, click here)
  • Pawel Maciejko​'s investigation of an 18th-century portrait of a kabbalist in the circle of Casanova, with ever-widening implications
  • Yonatan Moss on the impact of Syriac Christian sources on Saadia Gaon's view of the resurrection of the dead
  • Michael Rosenberg​ on how "sexual serpents" in the BT subvert Syriac Christian tropes about Mary 
  • A note from Joseph Davis​ on readings of the tale of King Solomon and Ashmedai the Demon

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