Fences and Neighbors: Jews and Muslims at the Last Millennium


Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies

Fences and Neighbors: Jews and Muslims at the Last Millennium

Joseph Lowry, University of Pennsylvania; Marina Rustow, John Hopkins University; Menahem Ben Sasson, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Joseph Lowry is Assistant Professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also worked as an attorney and legal consultant on Middle East–based legal matters. He has published articles on early Islamic legal thought and on medieval and modern Arabic literature. He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania. In 2001-02 he was a visiting fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies, where he worked on biblical interpretation in a comparative context.

Marina Rustow is Assistant Professor of History at Emory University, with a joint appointment at Emory’s Institute for Jewish Studies. She is currently the Michael Steinhardt fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. A historian of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Jews, Marina Rustow is completing her dissertation on the social and cultural history of Jewish sectarianism in Egypt and Syria in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Menahem Ben Sasson is former Rector of Hebrew University, where he teaches in the Department of the History of the Jewish People. He is an authority on the heritage of Oriental Jewry. Other research interests include the Jews of Islam and the Cairo Genizah. He is a member of the Scholion Interdisciplinary Research Center at the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies. He is currently a Herbert and Ellie Katz fellow at the Center for Advanced Judaic Studies.

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Seventh Annual Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Lecture

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College Hall, 209, University of Pennsylvania

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November 04, 2003 5:00pm
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Department of History
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