Asher Salah is a senior lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His scholarship focuses on Jewish literature of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Italy. His publications include a critical edition of Samuel Romanelli’s Masa‘ Be‘arav (2006), The Republic of Letters: Rabbis, Doctors, and Jewish Writers in Eighteenth-Century Italy (in Italian; 2007), a reference book on more than one thousand Jewish writers in eighteenth-century Italy; and Marco Mortara: An Italian Rabbi between Orthodoxy and Reform (in Italian; 2013) a study of the religious and scientific stances of this nineteenth-century rabbi. During the spring semester, Professor Salah will work on a project titled “The Science of Judaism and the Question of Jewish Reform in Nineteenth-Century Italy.”

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Asher Salah (2011-2012)
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