Fellow Area of Research
Zachary Braiterman 
Syracuse University

Nancy S. and Laurence E. Glick Teaching Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Aesthetic Turns in Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig

Miroslawa Bulat 
Jagiellonian University in Krakow

Lucius N. Littauer Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

Cracow's Jews and the Arts in Theater: 1918-1939

Charles Dellheim 
Arizona State University

Ella Darivoff Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Artful Jews: Culture and Commerce in Modernity

Anat Helman 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Moses Aaron Dropsie Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Film and Pulp Fiction: Consuming Popular Culture in Israel in the Early 1950's

Amy Horowitz 
Smithsonian Institution

Maurice Amado Foundation Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Israeli Mediterranean Music: Culture Resistance and Reformation in Disputed Territory

Marion Kant 
University of Surrey

Fall Term Fellow

Joseph Lewitan and the Aryanization of German Dance

Jonathan Karp 
SUNY, Binghamton

Lucius N. Littauer Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

American Music: Black, White, and Jew

Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett 
New York University

Spring Term Fellow

Exhibiting Jews: Jewish participation in World Fairs in Europe and the U.S.: 1850-1940

Mark Kligman 
Hebrew Union College, New York

Erika A. Strauss Teaching Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

Jewish Music in America: 1960's-1990's

Diana Linden 
Indiana University, Bloomington

Full Year Fellow

The New Deal Mural of Ben Shahn: Jewish Identity and the Culture of Labor

Ezra Mendelsohn 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellowship
Rose and Henry Zifkin Teaching Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Art and Jewish History: Maurycy Gottlieb Among the Jews, Poles, and Israelis

Gideon Ofrat 
Alma College, Tel Aviv

Michael R. Steinhardt Fellowship

Fall Term Fellow

Is Israeli Art Jewish?

Gershon Shaked 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Charles W. and Sally Rothfeld Fellowship

Spring Term Fellow

Art, Literature and Society in Palestine and Israe

Anna Shternshis 
Oxford University

Samuel Grunfeld Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union: 1925-1941

Susan Suleiman-Rubin 
Harvard University

Full Year Fellow

Crises of Memory and the Second World War in France

Judith Thissen 
Utrecht University

Spring Term Fellow

Silent Cinema and Cultural Identity in American Jewish History

Nina Warnke 
Columbia University

Martin Gruss Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Reforming New York Yiddish Theater: Cultural Politics of Immigrant Intellectuals and the Yiddish Press

Carol Zemel 
York University, Toronto

Louis and Bessie Stein Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Graven Images: Visual Culture and Modern Jewish History

Short-term Fellows

Richard I. Cohen 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Adjunct Fellows

Marsha Bryan Edelman 
Gratz College
Eric A. Goldman 
Ergo Media
Beth Kissileff 
Independent Scholar
Norman Kleeblatt 
The Jewish Museum, NY
Michael Steinlauf 
Gratz College