*Note: The fellows' academic affiliation listed below reflects their post the year they were a fellow only, and may not be current.

Fellow Area of Research
Gary Beckman 
University of Michigan

Full Year Fellow

Hittite Ritual

Amnon Ben-Tor 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ellie and Herbert D. Katz Distinguished Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Excavation and Investigation of Tel-Hazor

Adele Berlin 
University of Maryland

Fall Term Fellow

The Absence of God in the Books of Esther and Lamentations

Linda Bregstein 
Penn State University

Lucius N. Littauer Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Religious Attitudes in Babylonia under the Persian Empire: The Contribution of Signet-seal Studies

Barry Eichler 
University of Pennsylvania

Full Year Fellow

Inanna: Her Myth, Iconography and Cult

Nili  S. Fox 
University of Pennsylvania

Erika A. Strauss Teaching Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

A Typological Study of Legitimate and Illegitimate Cult Objects

Tikva Frymer-Kensky 
University of Chicago

Moses Aaron Dropsie Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Biblical Religion and Liturgies to the Goddesses of Sumer and Babylon

Seymour (Sy) Gitin 
W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research

Fall Term Fellow

Philistine Cult in the 7th Century BCE

Wayne Horowitz 
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Spring Term Fellow

Cuneiform Writing in Canaan

Victor Hurowitz 
Ben-Gurion University

Full Year Fellow

Biblical Attitudes Towards Idols in their Ancient Near Eastern Context

Jacob Klein 
Bar-Ilan University

Full Year Fellow

Mesopotamian and Biblical Royal Hymns: A Comparative Study

Theodore Lewis 
University of Georgia

Full Year Fellow

The Religion of Ancient Israel

Saul  M. Olyan 
Brown University

Full Year Fellow

Clean/Unclean and other Binary Oppositions in the Israelite Cult

Tallay Ornan-Bigelman 
Israel Museum

Spring Term Fellow

Idol versus Symbol: Divine Representations in Mesopotamia

Gary  A. Rendsburg 
Cornell University

Nancy S. and Laurence E. Glick Teaching Fellowship

Full Year Fellow

Egypt and Israel: The Story of Exodus 1-15

Mark  S. Smith 
Saint Joseph’s University

Full Year Fellow

An Examination of Divinity in Akkadian, Ugaritic and Israelite Literature

Ziony Zevit 
University of Judaism

Fall Term Fellow

The Practice of Religion from the Iron Age through the Early Hellenistic period

Adjunct Fellows

Elizabeth Bloch-Smith 
Saint Joseph’s University
Bernard M. Levinson 
University of Minnesota