Fall 2015 Public Programs

THE MIND, as the Jewish philosopher Philo of Alexandria recognized two thousand years ago, does not operate by reason alone, but is also guided by powerful appetites and passions.

In every age, from biblical prophecy to Yiddish literature to Freud, Jews have acknowledged this essentially human irrationality in a myriad of ways. This year, the Katz Center’s research fellows are focused on those aspects of internal life that lie beyond reason: emotions and feelings, the unconscious, sensation, imagination, mental illness, magic, and the intellect itself.

This year-long series of public programs, presented in partnership with local host institutions, celebrates the world beyond reason, connecting fellows and colleagues with non-academic audiences in a spirit of shared exploration and mutual engagement.

See the calendar below or download a printable flyer (pdf) for the Jews Beyond Reason lecture series. Announcements about other local programming featuring Katz Center fellows may be found here.